Enjoy Your Journey Everyday!!!!

Enjoy Your Journey Everyday!!!!

Thursday, December 27, 2012

What a year!!!! My blogging has been minimal to say the least, this being the 2nd post of the year. It's been an amazing year to say the least.

We moved to our new house this summer. It was quite an adventure, from the remodel (plumbing....) to the movi1103 South 52nd Street Rogers, AR 72758ng experience. We have been here for about 6 months now. We absolutely love it!!! It's such a peaceful place. It feels like home.

I finished grad school in August from UMASS Boston, with my masters degree (Management of Aging Services Track, Gerontology Program). I enjoyed my learning experience so much! Jeremy gave me a surprise celebration bash at Wiederkehr Wine Cellar. I was shocked, all my family and friends there to enjoy my special moment. They all kept the secret very well, I didn't have a clue. I look forward to using my education and training in a few years, which leads us to our next piece of exciting news......

We are expecting our first child, a baby boy due in April 2013!!! We are so very excited! After almost 15 years of marriage, we can't wait to be parents. I think our family and friends are as excited as we are. I know this is going to be an incredible journey!!!

We traveled to other places throughout the year Mexico, Yellowstone, and Philadelphia. Enjoyed birthdays, holidays, and special events with family and friends.

I'm looking forward to all the exciting adventures 2013 has in store!!!!

Monday, February 13, 2012

A New Year!!!

2012! Wow that sounds crazy. It's definitely been a while since I've posted a blog. The last few weeks have been exciting and busy. The holidays, starting my next to last semester of grad school, new adventures in our real estate investment and development company.

I'm looking forward to all the year has to offer. I have new resolutions, hopefully, I will meet them. I didn't quite meet all of my 2011 resolutions. I guess it's good to at least try to improve.

So may 2012 be a year full of new adventures. Celebrations with family and friends. A year of growth and discovery for myself and our family!