Enjoy Your Journey Everyday!!!!

Enjoy Your Journey Everyday!!!!

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Launching Apollo

I opened up my business location last week, very excited! I have taken care of our rental properties in the past from home.  So it will be great to have an actual location, tenants can visit.  It's been a long process repairing our business location, setting up our processes, and developing into a larger operation.  It took a little bit longer than originally anticipated for everything to come together.
Sometimes it can be a little scary to step out of one's "comfort zone" and begin a new venture.  I am so excited I think it may outweigh my fears.  I'm looking forward to networking in the community.  I am also excited about being able to serve our tenants in a greater capacity in our new location. 
I think the next few weeks will be an adjustment, learning what flows well and what doesn't.  However all change has a transition period which can lead to a remarkable transformation in the end.  So I'm ready for the challenges, struggles, and successes waiting around the corner! 

New York, New York

To infinity and beyond......This is the first time we visited Manhattan in the fall. We had such a great time! I did miss Lincoln like crazy, but I think he enjoyed hanging out with his Nene and Papa.  I think my picture above speaks to the lighthearted trip we had.  It was wonderful to have couple time. 
We saw some wonderful on and off Broadway shows.  Breakfast at the Russian Tea Room was wonderful, always wanted to visit.  I enjoyed shopping as usual (my suitcase is never big enough to transport stuff back).  We met some really nice people on the trip.  Also spent time looking for investment property.  There are some really great options out there.  Looking forward to possibly making a move on an apartment in the future. 
I think I've mentioned before how much Jeremy and I  like the city.  Since we live in a very small town, the energy in Manhattan is a great change of pace!

Baby's First Zoo Trip

Okay....So I am a sucker for zoos, love them! It doesn't matter how many times I have been to one; I still enjoy it.  I have been to a lot of them from San Diego to Tulsa to Fort Worth to the Bronx.  The one closet to where we live is the Little Rock Zoo.  I have fond memories of this place. I've went since I was a kid.  We used to take a trip with my grandma and cousins and have a picnic after the visit.  They have made many changes over the years, but it still holds a sense of nostalgia every time I visit. 

I took our son Lincoln to the zoo back in September (on his 6 months birthday) to visit.  It was a great time.  We went with my mom, sister Jessica, and niece Ryleigh.  I know he will probably not remember, but it was still fun to share the special time with him that day.  We enjoyed looking at all the animals, lions, tigers, and bears, oh my..... Great food in the cafe! A great girls and Lincoln day for the books. 

I'm excited about going again when he is a little bigger.  I know he is going to love seeing the animals, riding the carousel and train, and running around like a typical little boy.  The next time we will bring daddy along to share in the memories!