Enjoy Your Journey Everyday!!!!

Enjoy Your Journey Everyday!!!!

Monday, July 22, 2013

Mommy Time

Mondays are mommy and Lincoln time.  It is wonderful!  I'm so glad I chose to devote one day for the sole purpose of quality time.  No errands or busy tasks.  We simply spend the whole day, just being together.  Since he has been born, the weeks have been passing so quickly.  Lincoln is constantly changing and growing.  It's great to be able to capture every single moment. 

I know I will look back on these days years from now and cherish them so much.  I'm thankful to have the opportunity to take extra time out of my week for us to be together.  I know there are many other daily routine activities that can encroach on the free day, but my goal is to keep our day truly free.  Currently it's great just to cuddle, play, read, etc.  I know in a few years it will be a great day to explore and charge off to our next adventure. 

Even though carving out an entire day during the week may not be reasonable for some families, I say take any little piece you can.  It's all about relationships in the end.  Making the time to connect with your child is truly one of life's great pleasures!

Monday, July 15, 2013

Time Flies....

Where do the years go?  It seems like my niece Ryleigh was born yesterday.  She will be 2 in a few months.  Wow!  She was the first grand baby on my side of the family.  We loved watching her grow.  It was amazing to see all the new things she could do, from cooing to crawling, then walking.  I feel so blessed to have been able to be there to see these moments.  My sis and I are very close, so watching her baby become a little girl has been such a joy!

I'm so glad Lincoln will have an older cousin as a playmate in a few years.  I have such wonderful memories of time with my cousins.  I remember begging our parents to stay the night at one another's house.  We played together and made a lifetime of memories. I know that Ryleigh and Lincoln and anymore grand kids that come along will also have a special connection.  My hope is that our kids are close throughout their childhood and keep that connection into adulthood. 

It's incredible that we will be able to watch as new generation of relationships unfold through our kids over the next decades.  I hope they find the same unbridled joy and sense of adventure that we did while growing up.  To many nights of catching lightening bugs, whispering, laughing, dreaming, riding bikes, counting stars, silly dancing and faces, etc......

Monday, July 8, 2013

Making it Count!

Making it Count! Our son makes both of us want to do this.  Everyone told me how quickly time would pass with your children.  I believe it. Lincoln will be 15 weeks old this Thursday. He has grown so much in that time period.  I could spend all day just hanging out with him.  He does so many cute things, smiling, cooing, laughing, etc... Jeremy and I can't get enough of him!

So we are faced with what most parents struggle with the balance of  work and family. Jeremy and I are learning to "make it count".  Sometimes it's not the amount of time, but the quality of that time.  Families can spend hours together without really connecting.  We are learning how important it is to seize the moment, live in the present.  Today is all we have.  Cherish every moment! Make every moment count!

Monday, July 1, 2013

It Takes A Village!

It takes a village.... I remember hearing this phrase years ago. I think it was coined by Hillary Clinton.  I didn't realize it's significance until my son was born.  I love this little man so much (always have to throw that in there)!  The first few weeks after Lincoln was born I remember being so tired and basically out of sorts from my typical organized self.  I truly appreciated my mom, Jeremy's mom, and step mom for being there with love and support.  Also my sister, dad, Jeremy's siblings and step siblings, his future step dad, his dad, our dear friends the Devores, and countless others who checked on me, called, sent texts and gifts.  I really felt very secure in a time I was adjusting to the new world of mommyhood. 

As the weeks have progressed, I realize help and support will always be appreciated.  I'm more in a groove now, but I realize this groove will continue to evolve as my son grows.  I am so thankful to have a strong support system of both family and friends.  I love this circle of connection not just for Jeremy and I, but for Lincoln as well.  It's reassuring to know in this life you're not alone.  Each of us feel so blessed to have our group, "our people".  This circle is here for us no matter what, thick and then, better or worse, and so on.... 

Our little village may never be recognized with a nobel prize or other prestigious awards.  No one else may ever recognize the impact they have on our daily lives, but we do.  Jeremy, Lincoln, and I are the better for knowing all of the people in our village.  Our lives are enriched daily by their unconditional love!  Our world would be a lesser place without each of them in it.  So take time to count your blessings in all shapes and sizes.  Take time to say thanks to your "village".