Enjoy Your Journey Everyday!!!!

Enjoy Your Journey Everyday!!!!

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Let Summer Begin....

Summer will actually begin in June, but it always feels like Memorial Day weekend is the beginning of summer to me.  Typically summer is not one of my favorite seasons, mainly because of the heat.  I do not like being hot.  I do enjoy the relaxed schedules, outdoor cooking, longer daylight hours, and vacation. 

I decided this year to try to enjoy summer for all it has to offer.  I plan to take full advantage of each day while finding ways to stay as cool as I can.  Realizing that one fourth of the year is summer, so to discount the whole season based on the heat might not be fair.

Last weekend was Memorial Day Weekend.  First I want to mention how thankful I am for the men and women who have served our country in the armed forces!!! Their sacrifice has made the freedom we enjoy each day possible.  The weekend was a wonderful start to the summer season.  We enjoyed time visiting and eating great food with our family.  It was nice relaxing in homes and pool side with our loved ones.  I also took my maiden sail on our new sailboat.  We've had two other sailboats in the past, neither as big a this one.  I absolutely loved it! It was so relaxing.  The wind was perfect and it was nice to be out on the water.  I think even Lincoln enjoyed it.  He slept for hours in the cabin. He was fed and held by family on board (two of his favorite hobbies). 

So this year I'm looking forward to the days ahead hot and all.  Let summer begin....

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Celebrating The Moments.....

It seems like we just met yesterday, but instead we were celebrating 15 years of marriage.  We've talked about how at this time we have been together half of our lives (dated 2 years before getting married).  It has been an amazing adventure so far.  Not just the adventurous days like the one above white river rafting in Alaska, but the lazy days at home.  People we've known with loving relationships have shared how your relationship just gets better as the years go on.  They are right.  Our love has continued to grow and deepen over the years. 

I still get the excitement and butterflies in my stomach when I'm talking to Jeremy.  However, now we have some quests we have conquered in life.  We know after making it through illnesses, times of plenty and want, education, jobs, family crisis moments, and latest becoming parents; we're there for each other.  It's an incredible feeling to have a companion who you can spend every moment in this life. 

Tonight I'm feeling so blessed to be matched so perfectly with the love of my life.  Our differences compliment each other.  Jeremy truly completes me in every way.  I'm looking forward to years of living life to the fullest!