Enjoy Your Journey Everyday!!!!

Enjoy Your Journey Everyday!!!!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The Good Old Days

I can't believe August will be over in a few weeks. This summer has been busy and hot!!! Most of the summer our air unit at home has been on the blitz. It would start working, then leak. It would stop working, the leak would stop. Piece by piece the home warranty company replaced our air unit. So much of the summer has been spent at parents' houses or hotels.

I love history. I have often thought about the good old days when life was simple. I loved the fact that people had less distractions and perhaps more time. After this summer I realize that I was born in exactly the right time. I can't imagine living throughout every summer without air, not to mention other conveniences. I think our ancestors were definitely a tougher breed. I'm glad they paved the way for modern conveniences to be discovered. I learned not to take all the things we have for granted. Be thankful for everything, everyday!!!!!!

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