Enjoy Your Journey Everyday!!!!

Enjoy Your Journey Everyday!!!!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Curing the Winter Blues

We visited Cancun, Mexico last week. It was amazing!!!! I love the Christmas season, but it was very nice to escape for a few days to warmer weather. Jeremy and I have been really busy lately. He's been busy at work and I was finishing up projects for this semester. It was so nice to take time and slow down a little.

We decided to stay at a resort for this visit. We usually visit the Caribbean via a cruise ship. We love cruising, but it was nice to stay in one place. We basically relaxed the entire week. Many of our vacations consist of going, going, going.... We return home and I need another vacation.

The resort was beautiful. It had restaurants, shows, and shops. It was nice to have everything there. We spent lots of time laying on the beach reading. I have been trying to finish a book for several weeks now, so it was nice to make a dent in it. We ate some amazing food. I think had enough tortilla chips and guacamole to last a lifetime. Jeremy played a little volleyball. We took some walks on the beach. We slept late and soaked in the jacuzzi. All I can say, it was very relaxing. I'm glad to be home, back in the Christmas festivities. The break definitely recharged our batteries!

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